What is TUPIX?

TUPIX is an efficient and ground-breaking solution that employs cutting-edge technologies to make ‘ecosystems smart’, through their automated optimisation at a low cost.

Ecosystems can be defined as a network of interdependent and interacting assets, services and actors that jointly generate, add, use, destroy and exchange value. 

Whether an ecosystem is natural, engineered, social or economic, a smart ecosystem puts its inherent intelligence and that of its actors to work using optimal methods and tools to monitor and manage its efficiency.

In application, TUPIX is all about optimising your business and operational processes using specialized software and hardware. We provide a service by thoroughly analyzing the business processes, locating areas that can be supported and automated and simulating the optimal state of efficiency. With a thorough evaluation of its efficiency, we provide the platform to coordinate all relevant stakeholders and assemble all the right tools for its application. All stakeholders involved in an ecosystem benefit from the added value of a more efficient and self-governing network. 

How does it Work?

To facilitate an understanding of our platform and service, an example using natural ecosystems is applied with a step-by-step process which forms the backbone of this application in any given ecosystem.

  1. Setting the perimeters of the ecosystem
  2. Mapping out all the assets and services in the perimeter
  3. Measuring the value of the assets
  4. Assessing all the actors involved and their relationships in the set perimeter
  5. Comparing the current agreements set by the actors in the defined perimeter with the optimal agreements.
  6. Simulating the average of the optimal ecosystem with that of what the actors will commit to.
  7. If the value of the ecosystem increases the application process can begin.

Who is using TUPIX?

8 reasons to use TUPIX

A long-term self-sustaining solution with minimal maintenance; applying systems that learn/automate using algorithms for pattern recognition.
By eliminating the middle-men actors that arrange transactions, with Smart Contracts (blockchain ledger) extra costs are avoided.
Accurate assessments of the value of an ecosystem, based on the regional data, using IoT technology like a network of sensors to relay real time data.
Does not have to rely on mutual trust between stakeholders, by entrusting technology (like blockchain) to make transactions transparent while monitoring compliance.
Removing a central authority figure, whilst making all stake holders equal partners in the whole ecosystem.
A focus on local solutions creating a closed feedback loop where restoration areas see all the benefits of its own investments.
An acquisition platform; merging partners and researchers to coordinate all the best technical solutions available.
An environmentally conscious approach to business, with initiatives to restore natural ecosystems into their sustainable state.

Want a TUPIX to make your ecosystem smart?

At present Contracts11 works with a wide variety of ecosystem stakeholders and stakeholder-groups to enlarge its use-case portfolio. It uses a dedicated development process to guarantee meeting and integrating customer demands in TUPIX implementations.

Are you or your organization interested in assessing what TUPIX can do for you?

Please contact for inquiries:

Daniel Lipschits

Smart Ecosystem Professional

+31 (0)6 170 3939 8