The Tubarão Mission

TUPIX is expected to be a game-changer in the environmental market and payment for ecosystem services type of schemes and hereby have a significant impact in the advancement of an inclusive green growth development agenda.

TUPIX will enable greater investment levels that will energize local economies and shift them towards a green growth pattern. The use of an Ethereum open source public blockchain will result in greater transparency, a drastic reduction in the number of intermediaries and subsequently a decrease in corruption. By reducing the number of intermediaries the system will significantly reduce the overall Transaction and Agency costs experienced by national or regional governments aiming at introducing PES or similar schemes. These two effects translate in an important financial and economic effect on local economies, as a higher share of capital will be allocated to productive activities versus non-productive ones.

Meanwhile the loss of jobs within the government expected by the fact that TUPIX will require very limited contract management and enforcement personnel, are to be compensated by a new type of jobs created at local level within the private sector.

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