What we do

Contracts11 is all about optimizing your business processes with software. We thoroughly analyze your business processes, we find out which parts can be supported or automated and pick the right tools for the job. 

Contracts11’s vast experience in professional software resulted in a number of unique tools and methods that support the process based approach. We have learned that there are many related aspects when going from a business process to working software. From human factors to deeply technical topics. Contracts11 is unique in that it not only considers all these aspects in each project, it also builds truly innovative solutions for them. A few examples:

Software ethics

Building good software starts with the right attitude. Contracts11 has been actively involved in identifying and promoting proper norms and values, and coined the term ‘Software ethics’ to encapsulate them. It includes the values and accepted behaviour in the software engineering practice.

Semantic programming

Most problems with software result from the gap between the problem owner and the software engineer. A lot is lost in the translation between both. This can be prevented by giving the problem owner the tools to describe his wish in such a way that it can be compiled to working software. Semantic programming does exactly that: provide problem owners a language they can express their need in. Contracts11 has built such languages, including needed tools.

Contracts based systems

Good systems make their properties explicit. They make it clear what can be expected from them, and what can be done if something unexpected happens nonetheless. This is called a contract and it is a basic building block for every system Contracts11 builds. All transactions between systems in a process are governed by contracts. This unique approach results in software systems you can really depend upon.

Information minimisation

Data is often a liability. Managing data is often difficult, costly, prone to problems, security and privacy sensitive, etcetera. At Contracts11 we aim to identify the minimal information set required to execute a business process. This prevents mentioned problems and results in very efficient systems and processes.

Contracts11 guides, designs, builds and implements contract based software. We approach software by process. Tools and languages are secondary. The software we build always enhances existing processes, not the other way around.

We should no longer accept projects that are overdue and over budget. The reason projects are delayed is in most cases that a process isn’t defined at all. Or worse, defined for half the way. When the project is eventually build, and a lot of costs are already made, you will find out that the software being build is not helping you like it should. You end up throwing away money. Don’t let that happen.

Contracts11 develops professional software systems for professional businesses. We are an advanced company based in the Netherlands. We communicate primarily in English because our mission is greater than our country borders. We have a team of very experienced and skilled people. We don’t want to grow too big, we rather see our ideas grow.

Contracts11 is part of the Media2B Group and uses the Kunnis Manifesto as a compass.

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